The Kingdom of AEthelmearc is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism

The Order of the Millrind is the award for High Merit in Service given by the Crown of AEthelmearc, with the advice of the current members of the Order. These Honorable Lords and Ladies have demonstrated a high level of service.

If you know of a gentle living in AEthelmearc who has some or all of these qualities, and you feel they should be considered for this award please send a recommendation letter to one or more of the following. The current Crown of AEthelmearc, Their Heirs or the Order of the Millrind Clerk. Sending a letter to one or all of them will bring the gentle and his or her accomplishments to the attention of the members of the Order. Whichever you do, a courtesy copy to the clerk is always a good idea.

The award comes with a Grant Of Arms, which is the next level of arms after an Award Of Arms. Members of the Order should be addressed as “Your Ladyship” or “Your Lordship”, and referred to by “Her Ladyship name”, “His Lordship name”, “The Honorable Lady name” or “The Honorable Lord name”.

Submit recommendations through the Online Award Recommendation.